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LoveEast is a stylish A5 publication distributed free of charge to 12,000 households, shops and cafés within the E9, E8, E5, E2 and E20 areas. Our readership runs into many thousands more. As well as delivering to houses around Victoria Park, we reach to the roads around Chatsworth Road, south to Tredegar Square, and to the roads north, east and west of London Fields. Copies are also to be found in shops, cafés, pubs and GP surgeries in Broadway Market, Roman Road, Hackney Wick, Bow, East Village (Stratford), Walthamstow and Wanstead.

What makes us different?
This is your magazine for your area. The magazine is packed with interesting editorial that is relevant to residents who live in East London. You will find essential information about what’s on, such as family activities, Victoria Park nature talks, arts events, restaurant reviews and so much more. We have advice columns dealing with wellness, fitness, law, money matters and our list of experts is growing. There is strong evidence that local services are preferred by many people, and we’re proud to play a part in bringing our community even closer together by providing an invaluable source of information about local businesses and services.

Why it’s good for local businesses?
LoveEast provides an effective advertising platform for the local business community. Our colourful and attractive front page makes us stand out from the crowd. The magazine is interesting and useful, so is unlikely to be thrown away along with the many leaflets and flyers that land on your doormat every day. Our What’s On guide and calendar encourage people to keep it as a guide for the whole month. The magazine is printed on high-quality paper, has a strong visual impact and, unlike many other publications, there is no advertising on the front page. The magazine represents the most effective way for local businesses to market themselves to local residents. The compact format, ease of reference, cost-effective adverts and the strong local appeal differentiate LoveEast from other publications in the area.

Advert Dimensions

Full page
195H X 135W

A full bleed is available on a full-page ad, so if you require that, please supply it at 210mm x 148mm, allowing a 6mm bleed all round. So the overall size will be 216 x 154mm. If you are unsure of this, please email or call us. If you would like us to lay out or design your ad for you, there is an extra charge. This ranges from £40, depending on your requirements. Please contact us to discuss further, but allow an extra five days prior to our deadline.

Please contact us for details.

When do we publish and where are deliveries made?
Publication is on 30 or 31 of the month. We distribute free copies to 10,500 homes, as well as delivering to shops and cafés in Victoria Park village, Broadway Market, Roman Road and Hackney Wick, Chatsworth Road and East Village.

The deadline for adverts is always 10th of the month preceding the month of publication. Please note that while we work to this date, it is always worth contacting us after the deadline to check on availability of space.

Editor: Julie Daniels
07752 288405