Roger Love, a local personal trainer, talks to Zumba teacher Zoe Evans

Who are you & what do you do?
I teach Zumba with Zoe. I’m a classically trained dancer from London Studio Centre. I danced professionally around the globe for 20 years and even performed the can-can in Paris. I have been running classes across London for nearly a decade.

When & where is your class?
10am on Saturdays, at Frampton Park Baptist Church’s sports hall, in Frampton Park Road, E9.

So what’s it like?
Fun, friendly and calorie-burning.

What goes on in it?
We start with a warm-up to music and then raise and lower the heart rate while dancing to a fantastic mix of addictive tunes, before stretching for the cool down. We are a social bunch and meet for coffee after class.

Who would like it?
If you want to work out in a fun setting – not in a gym – while moving to music, then my class is the answer. It appeals to all ranges of fitness abilities, from novices to those returning to fitness and the super-fit who want to get breathless. Ages of my participants range from teenagers to a 75-year-old.

What makes your class different from others?
My experience as a professional dancer and dance troupe leader means that I’m able to help participants of all abilities enjoy a workout that is appropriate for them. I know how to make it challenging but not impossible. I have an ear for music and the movements that match a tune. I keep things simple and fun.

What makes you most proud?
Seeing the smiles (and sweat!) on people’s faces from the start to the end of my classes. It’s particularly pleasing when participants remember a routine and really let themselves go and enjoy the moment.

What’s the most memorable moment from your classes?
Hearing the success stories of my participants and seeing the before and after pictures from some of them. I was also choked when they threw parties in my class to celebrate my marriage and the birth of my children.