Stephen Selby sets the questions in the Christmas History Hangout quiz

1. What is the name of the river that flows under Hackney Central railway bridge?

2. Who built Sutton House? 

Old Broadway market


3. Lord Beaconsfield attended his first school in St Thomas’s Square. What was his real name?

4. What hospital was founded near Victoria Park because of the fresh air in Hackney 150 years ago? 

5. What year was the disaster at Bethnal Green Tube station?

6. Why was St John-at Hackney Church built and consecrated in1798? 


Ralph Sadleir by Holbein


7. What was the name of the station next to Liverpool Street, whose trains went to Dalston?

8. Why did King Alfred split and dam up the River Lea? 

9. Why were the gas works built near the canal on Andrews Road?




10. Why did the London Tube trains never have a station in Hackney. 

11. What was the original name of Broadway Market in the 19th Century?

General Booth


12. What was the name of Elizabeth 1st’s favourite admirers who owned the original Wanstead House? 

13. What was the Roman name for Kingsland Road and where did it lead to?

14. What was the largest shipping dock in Tower Hamlets during Victorian times? 

15. Which war was Hackney’s General Booth associated with, and where were his first headquarters?







1. Hackney Brook
2. Sir Ralph Sadler in 1535
3. Benjamin Disraeli
4.The London Chest Hospital
5. March 1943
6. Because St Augustine’s (C.1275) became one of the most fashionable churches outside the City, and was far too small
7. Broad Street
8. To beach the Viking fleet at Ware, successfully preventing them from attacking London
9. Gas holders were sunk into the many deep ponds on Cambridge Heath
10. Because the wealthy landowners wouldn’t allow it.
11. Duncan Place
12. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester 1532-1588
13. Ermine Street which headed due north to Lincoln.
14. The London Docks.
15.  The War Cry, the Salvation Army’s newspaper. His first HQ was in Mare Street.