Lady Ray meets…

Francesca Castaldo… is founder of, designer & maker of beautiful handmade jewellery, mother, businesswoman, beautiful lady and co-owner of an exciting fashion and jewellery shop, opening on Roman Road in September.

What’s important to you? Creativity in all senses. Being present for my family is foremost, while remaining a driven woman in business. I love finding, seeing and collecting beautiful things to inspire me & my designs. I am a natural magpie by nature.

What do you love about the East End? I’ve lived here for the past decade and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in London. The diversity, the expanse of green sitting close to the urban sprawl; spaces and cultures being so easy to embrace. It’s colourful and vibrant & being a creative person, this is where I want to be.

Loic Lecoutour

Loïc Lecoutour… is a self-confessed contented loner, a lovely quirky individual who is naturally curious and creative. A lover of horror movies, walks through the city at dawn and a creative writer at heart. He also happens to own the charming shop The Toybox in Victoria Park.

What’s important to you? Literature, words, reading, being free to be who I want to be, self-discipline, working hard, curating spaces & making them pretty.

What do you love about the East End? Victoria Park.I love that it has no Tube station; it allows a sense of quiet. I love living and working in the area, walking out to see many familiar faces & the sense of community it provides. Victoria Park is another type of London all of its own.

Interview & portraits by Lady Ray