Stephen Selby sets the questions in the summer History Hangout quiz

1. What was Hackney’s Mermaid Tavern most famous for 200 years ago?






2. There is a location in Hackney called the Oval. What was it?




3. Name two of the regicides, plotters of the demise of Charles I, who plotted at Barber’s Barn in Mare Street?

Daniel Defoe





4. What is the name of the oldest standing building in Hackney, and what date was it built?


5. Name two famous music hall personalities who appeared regularly at the Hackney Empire.



6.  General William Booth founded what institution in Hackney in 1878?


7. Where did the name Millwall originate?

St Augustine's Tower, Hackney




8. What was contained in the Old Engine House at the 18th-century Wanstead House estate?



9. At the time of the Domesday Book, there was a village to the north-east of London called Wilcumstou. What is it called today?



10. How did Dutchman Jacob Jacobsen, from Walthamstow, help destroy the wealth of many of the richest families in 1720?



11a. What became of beautiful Balmes House (built 1540) in Haggerston?

The Mermaid Tavern: photo V&A Museum



11b. What famous nickname came as a result of turning Balmes into a special institution?


12. Name the most famous 17th century English novelist who lived in Stoke Newington Church Street?


13. What famous historical English astronomer was born in Haggerston over 350 years ago?


14. What was London Fields originally used for?

Balmes House, Hackney

Q 11a, 11b Photo credit: Hackney Archive

1. First balloon flights in England.
2. The driveway up to the British Female Penitent Refuge in Andrews Road.
3. Oliver Cromwell, John Okey, Henry Ireton, Edward Whalley, Owen Roe
4. St Augustine’s Church Tower 1275
5. Charlie Chaplin, WC Fields, Stanley Holloway, Stan Laurel, Marie Lloyd ​
6. The Salvation Army.
7. Mill Wall was an extremely long Dyke surrounding the entire Isle of Dogs built by the Dutch in the early 17th century.
8.  A trebuchant.
9. Walthamstow
10. He was a director of the company which became the catastrophic South Sea Bubble.
11a. It became a private madhouse.
11b. Barmy.
12. Daniel Defoe 1660-1731.
13. Edmond Halley 1656-1742.
14. Grazing ground for cattle.