Sallie Stone-Bearne of Branch Properties and the search for a home that fits disability needs

Imagine if you or a loved one suffered an illness or accident that meant you couldn’t stay in your home because it wasn’t adapted for your new needs.This is a reality for many people.

Not being able to move around at home means that you can’t live a normal life doing all the stuff you usually do.

Branch Properties specialises in finding homes for people in this situation so that they can regain their independence and freedom as soon as possible.

We’re an independent property company that has launched a service specifically aimed at meeting the accommodation needs of disabled people.

We are the first in the private sector to do this, and we work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements.

Sally Stone-Bearne

We have found suitable property for many people, but we have one client for whom we have not yet found the perfect home.

She and her family are desperate to move and we’re calling on the help of landlords.

We need to find a bungalow or a house to rent in Stepney Green, Mile End, Whitechapel, Bow, Poplar, Bethnal Green, Shadwell, Limehouse or Stratford.

We know from experience that finding a bungalow is a big wish, and we may need to settle for a bottom-heavy house with a maximum of two floors.

We need an absolute minimum of five bedrooms, a garden, parking, and any outhouses would be a huge benefit (for a therapy room).

Can you help us? If you are a landlord – or know someone who wants to let a property that would fit our requirements – please get in touch.

0207 435 4022.

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