Sarah Kay explains how to create a container garden

Container gardens are great for creating instant colour and interest, especially where you have limited space or poor quality soil.

Choose the right containers
For your planters, choose a limited number of materials, colours and shapes so there is some symmetry to your space but with visual interest.

Consider lightweight material options like fibrecotta (a mixture of clay and fibreglass) and make sure that the containers are the right size for your plants with enough space for them to grow.

Choose the right plants
Look for plants which like to be containerised and consider grouping three different textures/colours in a pot (one upright, one bushy, one trailing).

Containers can be moved around so it’s easy to position the right plant in the right conditions and less hardy plants can be easily moved inside or to a more sheltered position in the winter if necessary.

Garden potsMake sure your containers have good drainage
Drainage holes should be in the bottom of your pot and then covered with a layer of broken terracotta, stones or polystyrene. Use a compost especially for containers if possible and if your plants have specific soil requirements (ericaceous for acid-loving plants) then allow for this.

Keep watering regularly
Check the soil daily and water as necessary between April and September. It might be worth installing a watering system if you have long periods away during the summer.

Revitalise your compost
Permanent displays will probably need to be re-potted every two to three years and you should top dress your containers with new compost each spring.

Follow these steps and you should have a fantastic display.

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