Angie Gough announces the winners of the 2017 Artskickers Awards

Community Superhero (Organisation) Award


Core Arts, Hackney

Core Arts has been working for the past 25 years in Hackney to promote and provide opportunities for adults suffering severe mental health issues, using the power of creativity to become a lifeline to wellbeing.


Core Arts

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

Rosetta Arts Centre

Spotlight HARCA

Space Explorer

Studio 3 Arts

Submit to Love Studios (Headway East London)

Community Superhero (Individual) Award


Kenneth Greenway, Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (Tower Hamlets)

Ken works for Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, leading the way in Tower Hamlets to combat nature deficit order since 2002. Nature is at the core of their activities but art is used as an engine to create a deeper appreciation and love of the natural world. “Ken IS Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. His enthusiasm for the place is infectious and he communicates its value in a way that is so engaging you can’t help but be fascinated by THCP”


Kenneth Greenway, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Jessica Boatright, Ingeenium

Jo Carter, Immediate Theatre

Lara Fiorentino & Greg Key, BSMT Space

Tess Hunkin, Hackney Mosaic

Pete Bennett, Hackney Wick

Melita Denaro, Richard Livingstone, Zeynap Dagli and Robin Gardiner, St. Joseph’s Hospice

A special award was presented to Marie & Brian at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, who were the most nominated Artskickers of them all.

The Kickstarter Award

For an organisation or individual carrying out exceptional work in supporting and/or enabling emerging artists of all disciplines to pursue a career in the arts.


The Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation, Bow (Tower Hamlets)

Prince Rapid and Slixx from Ruff Sqwad established the Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation to bring their experience of the underground Grime scene and DIY music-making to disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in Poplar and beyond. Their Friday night “You Can’t Handle the Booth” nights at Spotlight bring young people from all over London together to write lyrics, produce beats and rap bars, where postcode becomes unimportant.


The Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation

Maggie Norris, The Big House

Create Jobs London

East London Dance

Francis Byrne, Frogs & Jays

Hackney Empire Artist Development Programme

Polly Bennett & Joan Iyiola, The Mono Box

The Smartist Award

Rewarding a business, social enterprise, organisation or individual who’s really smart and innovative when it comes to running their creative business.


Hoxton Street Monster Supplies & The Ministry of Stories (Hackney)

The Ministry of Stories is a local writing and mentoring centre in Hoxton, where anyone aged eight to 18 can come and discover their own gift for writing. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is the public face of the Ministry, a shop staffed by volunteers drawn from the local community, selling a range of own brand products ranging from zingy lemon curd to slime and gobstoppers. The shop is branded and built entirely to buttress the work done by the Ministry of Stories.


Hoxton Street Monster Supplies & The Ministry

of Stories

Alternative London

Art Macabre

E17 Designers

Lost My Name

The London Loom

Print Club London

Project Instrumental

Artskicking Teacher


Sharlene Carter, Dance teacher & Choreographer (Barking and Dagenham)

Sharlene is an incredibly inspiring and motivated dance teacher, always connecting up new talent with prestigious groups and individuals, seeing the potential in someone and giving them opportunities to progress. “This is a woman who knows and notices them all. She knows the kids/the parents/the teaching assistants in schools/the teachers and she’s not afraid ever to get stuck in working on something new.”


Tony Adigun, Avant Garde Dance

John Akinde, Studio 3 Arts

Sharlene Carter, Studio 3 Arts

Susana Cortes, Lemon Art Lab

Claire Ward-Thornton, Arthoppers

Future Artist


Amaria Braithwaite, Singer

Freya Hannan-Mills, Actor

The Year 3 & 4 Students of Gayhurst Community School

Art Students of Stoke Newington School

TWIST Theatre Company


DISCLAIMER: tears WERE shed in the choosing of these lists…


THANK YOU to everyone who nominated or was nominated and to the brilliexcellent committee of volunteers who made the #Artskickers Awards happen: Monique Argus, Zita Branton, Julie Daniels, Kelly Gough, Vardeep Edwards, Gail Kinahan, Caroline McCambridge, Rebecca Smith, Sophie Thompson, Jo Thorpe, Sinead Watters & Orla Quirke

Muchas gracias to the utterly artskicking judges: Sharon D Clarke MBE, Deborah Curtis, Denise Gough, Susie McKenna, John Mulholland, Renell Shaw, Lemn Sissay MBE, Gavin Turk, Kathryn Tyler, Zabou

Heartfelt gratitude to Gary Conway, Madeleine Flower & the team at The Stage EC2