Love East/span> meets Dr Veerusha Diah, owner of Vdental Smile Studio in Hackney Wick

Who is Vdental and how did it all start?

I opened Vdental Smile in 2015 by myself, having worked as a dentist in Hackney for over 10 years. I felt that I wasn’t giving my patients the best quality treatment that I was capable of because of time constraints, and wanted to open a surgery and have both general and specialist care under one roof. Since opening Vdental I have quality time with my patients and treat them in a modern, calm environment.

What’s important to you?

The most important thing is taking enough time to understand what the patient needs and what outcomes are expected from them. For instance, some patients are not at all concerned about aesthetics and just want treatment to bring them back to good oral health. Others want both aesthetics and function, so it’s important that these issues are addressed at the beginning as this affects the way the treatment is planned.

What can a new patient expect?

Our initial consultation includes a full dental and oral check with x-rays. After a thorough consultation with the patient, a full written treatment plan, including pricing, is given. We are very aware of deals on the internet with hidden costs, so we make sure that our plans are transparent and patients know exactly how much it’s going to cost. Patients are given time to go through the plan and are asked to come back for another free consultation if they need to. We also have a treatment co-ordinator who can go through the treatments we offer. This has the advantage of making patients more comfortable in booking an appointment once they’ve visited the practice and seen the surroundings.

Our prices are very reasonable and that’s something I was very keen to keep under control.

What services do you provide?

We provide all general and specialist dental services under one roof. Services include

general dentistry (including fillings, dentures, crowns, etc), botox, fillers and other facial treatments, adult clear braces and hygiene sessions.

All patients who need specialist treatment are treated here by one of our four specialists. This includes oral surgery for impacted wisdom teeth or other complicated extractions, dental implants, sedation for nervous patients, complicated root canal treatments, severe periodontal disease and other gum and bone treatment, complex crown and bridge treatment, and complex dentures.

We also accept referrals from other dental practices in the area for specialist work.

The practice has grown over the last year and we now have over 800 patients on our list. We also have a monthly payment plan that many patients take out with us, which gives them discounts on general dental treatments

To book an appointment or to get in contact with us, please ring Sam on 020 8533 5661 or email