Have you been paying attention in your History Hangout lessons in 2016? Take the quiz to test your local knowledge

  1. Name the old building in Hackney, the residence of Thomas Sadlier who worked for Thomas Cromwell?
  2. CultureHistory_Avroe-1930ANSWERq19What was the name of the major medieval priory immediately north of Bishopsgate? (It had a famous well.)
  3. Which royal prince used Temple Mills for his inventions?
  4. Name the infamous highwayman who frequently stalked and robbed coach passengers travelling though Cambridge Heath?
  5. What was the nutritious crop grown along the north side of Morning Lane 200 years ago?
  6. What was the original name of Hackney’s main thoroughfare before becoming Mare Street?
  7. What type of business currently uses the oldest Hackney Town Hall?
  8. Can you name the (local) huge mound removed in 1811, illustrated above?
  9. Which Bishop of London lived in a hall named after him, which after rebuilding became the former London Chest Hospital by Victoria Park?
  10. Which Earl, a resident of Hackney, denied to Thomas Cromwell that there had been a promise of marriage to Ann Boleyn?
  11. Name the pre-war leader of the British Nazi movement called the Blackshirts.
  12. Which street in Hackney was used for his political rallies?
  13. Can you name the first group of English Crusaders who left Hackney for Jerusalem?
  14. CultureHistory_oswald-mosley_ANSWER q11Can you name the street in Hackney directly linked to Mary, Queen of Scots?
  15. The first enormous hot-houses were built in Hackney before those at Kew Gardens. Can you name the family who built these to enhance their famous seed business in the 18th Century?
  16. Can you name the park in Hackney where a roman stone sarcophagus was unearthed?
  17. What was the connection between Hackney and Edgar Alan Poe?
  18. What is the name of the road in Shoreditch commemorating Shakespeare’s first theatre?
  19. What is the name of the river in Hackney into which the Viking fleet sailed and King Alfred damned up?
  20. Where in Hackney did AV Roe make his first aeroplanes?
  21. Which engineer built the first tunnel under the Thames now used by the railway running between Dalston and Rotherhithe?


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